Kesis in english

Kesis offers camp- and sports experiences for campers aged 4-16. For their parents Kesis offers responsible guidance-experience and education about children physical activities.

Kesis is the biggest diverse sports camp complex in southwest Finland, which is organized every year at week 24 in Sauvo Ahtela. In kesis you can explore different types of sports, what is a thing every single camper can enjoy.

Besides sports and camp activities the campers have a chance to experience the tingling feeling of camp-disco, maybe their first night sleeping in a tent and a lot more.

Strong traditions owning Kesis has renovated its image on the way. Kesis wants to advance and wants to develop the camp activities all the time to be excellence. With more variations of sports and a lot safer.

Kesis is totally a bit under 1000 campers and it propels all 4-16 years old children and families also. One can't compare Kesis to anything. You have to experience it yourself!