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LiikU is an expert in physical education in Southwest Finland. We get children and adults moving at sporting events and sport camps. We educate people who work with children, club operators and workplaces to get others moving and help them to develop their activities to be more effective. We advocate exercise to policy-makers. For us, exercise is a way of life!

LiikU cooperates with other exercise advocates

The most important target groups of LiikU are children, youth and the people who get them moving: adults, workplaces and sport clubs.

We arrange events and camps where people can find the right form of exercise for them. We also arrange training sessions and campaigns which inspire people to get active.

We cooperate with sport clubs, schools and early childhood educators with the aim of making exercise the way of life of every resident of Southwest Finland.

LiikU is a regional organisation

LiikU is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1993. We work for over a thousand sport clubs in the Southwest Finland region. Our members are sport clubs and organizations providing exercise services.


We have two offices. They are located in Turku and Pori. Our contact information for both of our offices can be found here